Personal Trainer / Group Fitness Instructor

Hi I’m Michelle proud founder of Atlantic Fitness, specialising in women’s health and wellness.

How did I go from animal health to human? I’ve been into fitness for main years mainly for the destress, to feel good and to boost energy, but following some personal health issues I started to learn more about the power of nutrition on the human side as well as for our four legged friends. I’d always known the importance of food in health, the classic saying, “you are what you eat”, but if I’m honest I never put a massive focus on diet. I always just enjoyed what I liked within moderation. This is when I decided to start my journey turning a hobby into a part-time job.

I created Atlantic Fitness after leaving the corporate world in animal health in 2015 before relocating to live the beach life in Cornwall. I’ve always had the passion to help people feel amazing with exercise, but since becoming a mum and personally going through the juggle of balancing life I personally want to help empower as many women as possible to give respect and appreciate the body we live in.

Feel Empowered
  • Healthy starts within
  • Toned not skinny
  • Strong
  • Feel fabulous
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