Meet the workouts

Weekly fitness classes to release endorphins.

Endorphins the happy fitness drug you can never have too much of.

Boosting your self-esteem, your mood, quality of sleep and energy.



High Intensity Interval Training. Bodyweight exercises to energise, get you sweaty and lean.


Body sculpting, focusing on glutes, legs, core and arm exercises using weights*.

*option not to use weights


Low impact bodyweight conditioning workout. Muscular strength and endurance, big focus on the butt, legs and abs


Focusing on your whole midsection (the trunk of the body) you won’t be doing just crunches, creating strong abs, better balance and posture.

What you need

Getting online

To get that group exercise feel from your own home, participate through Zoom live or join my virtual studio workout when its more convenient to you from the recordings.

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Don’t let the thought of needing lots of equipment put you off. To start with you just need yourself and a glass of water to keep hydrated. If working out on a hard floor a towel would make floor-work more comfortable but otherwise you are good to go.

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Loved my sweaty leg workout


Classes full of fun you don’t know you are working out


Ready to transform your fitness

Should you have any health issues please consult your GP before beginning any workout routine. 
Atlantic Fitness is a health, lifestyle and well-being service and takes no responsibility for injuries or health issues related to your training.

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