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Being a Mumma and trying to find time for you is usually low down on the list of priorities.

But we all know if you don’t find time for yourself to feel good, then your tank is empty and you won’t be able to give the best of yourself to your family. Easier said than done… I know

Let’s be honest finding the time is the real challenge without feeling guilty.

  • Driving an hour round trip to go to the gym plus the time to actually workout is a real struggle once a week not alone aiming for 2-3 times.
  • Feeding your children then grabbing something fast for yourself isn’t the best way to fuel your body.
  • Feeling you are alone and that you must be doing something wrong, as others don’t seem to be having the same struggles.

If any of the above sounds familiar then you have come to the right place

Working out at home at a time that fits around your family life. While the children are:

  • Asleep, before they wake or nap time.
  • Playing with some toys or reading a book. Let them see you doing your workout, great inspiration / role model
  • Watching their favourite TV programme or playing on the iPad. 15-20 minutes won’t hurt. Happy mum Happy baby/child! 

Recipe inspiration that works for the whole family and a fun facebook group with like minded people to encourage you along your journey.

Virtual Fitness Studio

Got self discipline great then on demand is for you choose the online workout you want and when with monthly membership

LIVE Programmes: Paused

  • Live programmes that have a start date and a finish date.
  • Each client sign-ups for this programme in advance and we all begin together.
  • I post information daily in a private Facebook group, where everyone communicates and ask questions.
  • I do a LIVE Facebook coaching session every day, this is where I work with you and answer your questions in real time. 
  • This works fantastically well if you need daily motivation, help, have special requirements and enjoy the camaraderie and support of an online group.

ebook Workout: To Come

If internet is not great then you can follow my workouts from my ebook

Being a healthy woman isn’t about getting on a scale or measuring your waistline. We need to start focusing on what matters-on how we feel, and how we feel about ourselves.

Michelle Obama

If still unsure drop me a message for a chat

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